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M.A. in School Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Capasso, Ronald


Lake Tract School (Deptford, N.J.); Elementary school teaching--New Jersey--Evaluation


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of this study was to design a new teacher observation format used by the building mentors of Lake Tract School in observing the participants. The format revolved around the use of pre and post conferences based on a cognitive coaching approach in order to gain professional development and growth. A total of ten tenured and non-tenured teachers participated in the study. All faculties were surveyed as to their perceptions of the current observational format. The data was analyzed using percentages and the responses of the survey guided the creation of the format. Each participant attended a pre-conference to establish a weakness, was observed teaching a lesson, and also attended a post conference to discuss the findings. Participants were interviewed upon conclusion of the study on their perceptions and abilities to develop professionally through the use of the new tool. The teachers reported they preferred several components of the format, however, indicated time involved to be a concern.