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M.A. in School Business Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Hurley, Dennis


Millville School District (Millville, N.J.); Educational equalization--New Jersey; School buildings--New Jersey; School facilities--New Jersey


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


This study investigated the efficiency of the Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) for the Millville School District and sought to determine, through the creation of inventories, the completed and in progress facilities projects, in addition to those that will not be completed by the close of the district's current LRFP. On-going personal communication with the district's facilities coordinator provided continual updates on the status of all facilities projects within the district. In addition, this study examined both the New Jersey Administrative Code (NJAC) (6A:26-8.1) and documentation made available on the New Jersey Department of Education's (NJDOE) School Facilities Web site to determine if the Millville School District followed existing guidelines and submitted proper documents to the NJDOE. The study also determined whether or not the current LRFP has met the district's facilities needs, as required by the NJAC (6A:26-8.1) and Abbott v. Burke (1997, May). The research revealed that overall not all facilities projects would be completed by the expiration of the current LRFP in 2005 and, moreover, that this plan did not leave enough time to complete all of the necessary facilities projects in a five-year time frame as it proposed to be accomplished. As a result, remaining projects will need to be carried over into the next 5-year LRFP cycle.