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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


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Hurley, Dennis


Counseling in elementary education--New Jersey--Bridgeton


Educational Leadership


The purposes of this exploratory investigation were to (a) demonstrate how to properly develop an effective student intervention program (known at West Avenue as the Alternative Support Team - AST) and (b) how to maintain its effectiveness throughout the school year. The entire staff at West Avenue School was surveyed inquiring about what attributes are necessary for an effective student intervention program. They were also asked about past experiences with a student intervention program and what they believe makes an effective student intervention program work. Feedback forms were distributed to staff members and parents concerning their experience with the newly formed alternative support team (AST). Organizational meetings were conducted in order to discuss and assign team member responsibilities. Staff surveys, feedback forms, individual interviews, past intervention procedures, cumulative student folders, discipline records, Child Study Team referrals, and the organization of appropriate staff were the important factors involved in developing an effective and efficient student intervention program. The district was informed of the instrumentation and organizational process in order to properly implement a student intervention program in each school.