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M.A. in Educational Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Hurley, Dennis


Emma C. Attales Middle School (Absecon, N.J.); Educational technology


The purpose of this study was to create professional development and coaching opportunities to help teachers learn how to infuse technology into their classroom using an informating model that resulted in a shift of teachers' attitudes and classroom practice that increased student achievement. The research design was based on a case study using convenience sampling to choose subjects that were readily available. The subjects taught diverse subjects and grades levels within the Attales Middle School. Subjects were interviewed and observed to find out their current use of technology and their preferred mode of instruction. Then subjects took part in professional development and coaching opportunities designed to help them integrate technology using the informating method. Finally subjects were interviewed and observed to determine if their use of technology and mode of instruction changed. Findings indicated that the professional development, especially coaching, was successful in changing the way teachers used technology to an informating model. Further research showed that when teachers integrated technology following the informating model the mode of instruction was environmental. In the future the study should be replicated using a larger sample size.