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M.A. in Learning Disabilities


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Urban, Stanley


Children with disabilities--Attitudes--New Jersey; Inclusive education; Special education--New Jersey


Disability and Equity in Education


The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of special education students toward their placement in inclusion and/or pull-out resource settings. Inclusion and pull-out special education students were interviewed individually regarding their perceptions of the academic and social ramifications of their respective placements. Fourth and fifth grade students (N = 15) currently enrolled in inclusion or pull-out settings from a suburban middle class elementary school were interviewed. The data collected from this phenomenological study was analyzed in order to create broad statements that may be generalized to a more extensive population. This study demonstrated that the majority of inclusion and pull-out students are content with their respective placements in special education. The students in pull-out are cognizant of the academic support offered to them through the pull-out program, and many of them prefer pull-out because of the academic advantages inherent in the small group setting. The students in both types of settings revealed very few social consequences of receiving support from a special education teacher in either placement.