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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


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Kern, Robert


Pemberton Township High School (Pemberton Twp., N.J.); College student orientation; Ninth grade (Education)


Educational Leadership


Pemberton Township High School started AVID for the 2003-2004 school year. The AVID program is designed to prepare students for a college bound curriculum. The purpose of this study was to describe and evaluate the implementation of the AVID program at Pemberton Township High School. The population of the study consisted of the entire ninth grade class of 21 AVID students from Pemberton Township High School. The data was collected through the use of a six question, Likert-type survey and algebra first and second marking period grades. The survey was used to rate the AVID students' satisfaction of the five components of the AVID program. The students' algebra grades provided data on how successful the students were at completing their course work. The findings of the study show that the students are not satisfied with the AVID mentoring program and family workshops. The students' Algebra I grades are not acceptable. Based on the data collected, it is recommended that the AVID site team concentrate most of their efforts on the family workshops and the mentoring component of AVID. The AVID site team should seek more training on developing a successful AVID program.