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M.A. in Educational Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Capasso, Ronald


Delair Elementary School (Pennsauken, N.J.)--Administration; Elementary school principals--New Jersey


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


This study traced the development and evaluated the effectiveness of a site-based management/advisory council at the Delair Elementary School, and sought to gain insight into the utilization of the advisory group's influence on the role of the principal, the school's daily operations, curricular concerns, and climate. A site-based advisory council composed of faculty members and support staff of the Delair Elementary School, and the community members of the Delair section of Pennsauken, New Jersey was developed, and periodic meetings were held to discuss critical issues. The members of the advisory group were surveyed to gather data on their roles and influences, community members, general faculty, and staff were surveyed to obtain information on the council's influence on the principal and the school's operations and climate. The data demonstrated that the site council had a positive influence on the school and the Principal. However, to develop its full potential, the site council needed more time so that the participants would recognize their ability to take on leadership roles within the Delair Elementary School.