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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Hurley, Dennis


George L. Hess Educational Complex (Hamilton Township, N.J.); Homework; School discipline; Sixth grade (Education)


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study was to determine the impact a new homework policy would have on discipline among sixth grade students. Over the five months of the study there were an average of 346 students involved in the project. It was determined that a new homework policy would be incorporated into the already successful behavior point system, as a means to help students grow into accountable individuals. This policy would enhance our Character Education Program by promoting student responsibility and signify to the student that his/her work is similar to an employee in their work place. Without a homework policy, the lack of a student's true accountability undermines the foundation of his/her education.

Student discipline referral records for the first semester were studied and comparisons between the previous year and the present year were evaluated. The vice principal in charge of sixth grade discipline was the same for the past and present school year.

Although discipline referrals for sixth grade students dropped from the previous year to the present, there was no evidence to prove it occurred due to the new homework policy.