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M.S. in Teaching


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


College of Education

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Robinson, Randall


Group work in education; Social interaction in children; Third grade (Education)


Elementary Education and Teaching


The purpose of this action research project was to determine whether social interactions would improve when utilizing cooperative learning techniques. The social interactions observed included listening and speaking, courtesy, peaceful conflict resolution, leadership, and cooperative behaviors such as keeping one's hands to themselves.

The targeted population for this study was a class of fifteen third grade students. The researcher submitted pre- and post-treatment surveys to the students which measured the students' sense of classroom responsibility and their sense of personal responsibility within the class. The researcher also utilized journals and cooperative behavior checklists in order to compare student surveys with observed behaviors.

The researcher used t tests and Levenne's Test for Equality of Variances in order to determine significance of the data gathered. The results of this study indicated that there were no significant difference social interactions of third grade students when using cooperative learning techniques. The students studied did not improve upon their social skills through this research.