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M.A. in School Business Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Kern, Robert


Educational technology; School plant management


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of this study was two-fold. It was to determine and evaluate the effectiveness of technological advances on the maintenance operations of a school district's facilities. It was also to determine and evaluate the types, amounts, and locations of technology equipment implementations in school districts and how these implementations have affected the school environment's overall safety.

Forty-two school districts in Burlington County, New Jersey were surveyed using a questionnaire with twenty-two queries. The survey targeted Directors of Buildings and Grounds and the surveys were distributed and collected via electronic-mail or facsimile. The survey data was analyzed using the SPSS version 10.0 statistical software application.

Results of the survey showed that 89% of the school districts in Burlington County use video surveillance cameras. Survey results indicated that 55% of the school districts in Burlington County have a full or part-time School Resource Officer. Furthermore, results of the survey demonstrated that 100% of the districts have a crisis management plan. Only 22% of the districts reported experiencing mold or other indoor air quality problems in the last ten years. Lastly, results of the survey showed that over two-thirds of the school districts in Burlington County use preventative maintenance software.