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M.A. in Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Urban, Stanley


Individualized education programs; Time study


Higher Education and Teaching


This study was conducted in order to determine the number of hours that are necessary to complete an initial evaluation by a Learning Consultant and a School Psychologist. Surveys were distributed to a random sample of Learning Consultants and School Psychologists in South Jersey. The survey consisted of eighteen areas which are a part of an initial evaluation. Participants were asked to report the amount of time spent on each area in minutes. Fifty questionnaires were mailed out and 33 were returned. Of the completed questionnaires 15 were from School Psychologists and 18 were from Learning Consultants . Twenty six additional questionnaires were collected from Learning Consultants by Dr. Stanley Urban at a symposium of Learning Consultants held in Bridgeport New Jersey. Based on the responses, it was determined that both School Psychologists and Learning Consultants spend an average of fourteen hours on an initial evaluation. These results have implications for the number of staff members that school districts may need in order to provide quality services.