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M.S. in Teaching


Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Education


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Jorgensen, Donna W.


English language--Rhetoric--Study and teaching (Secondary); Tenth grade (Education)


Secondary Education and Teaching


The first goal of this study was to identify any preexisting differences in the levels of writing apprehension between males and females in a sample of 85 10th grade high school students enrolled in English classes available during a spring 2002 student teaching placement. An adapted form of John A. Daly and Michael D. Miller's (1975) Likert-scaled Writing Apprehension Measure was used to assess the participants' levels of apprehension. Results of the first survey revealed that male participants did display a higher level of writing apprehension but the difference did not reach a level of statistical significance (p < .05). The second phase of the study involved a 4-month treatment period that included teacher intervention, role modeling, and a gender-balanced bulletin board design in an attempt to make a positive change in the male students' levels of writing apprehension. The same survey was administered to 36 males and 36 females following treatment to determine if any change occurred. A two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed there was no statistically significant effect of treatment on either the male or female participants (p < .05); however, a decrease in the levels of writing apprehension was seen in the means of the scores across all groups.