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M.A. in Special Education


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Xin, Joy F.


Learning disabled teenagers; Mathematics--Study and teaching (Secondary)


Special Education and Teaching


The purposes of this explorative study were to (a) compare results of the mathematics achievement of a group of secondary students with learning disabilities with and without computer-assisted instruction (n = 10) ; and (b) examine student satisfaction with computer-assisted instruction. The participants, ages 14-16 years old, were classified with SLD, or "Specific Learning Disability", and had mathematics performance significantly below grade level according to their IEPs. Procedure included ten weeks of teacher-direct instruction and ten weeks of computer-assisted instruction in the computer lab. A total of eight mathematics units were covered, four during each condition of the study. Students completed a questionnaire at the end of each unit and were assessed by written teacher-made tests. A single subject design was used to compare the mean unit scores of the baseline, or teacher-direct instruction, to computer-assisted instruction. Mean and standard deviation values were analyzed in regard to a Likert Scale pre- and post-survey questionnaire collecting data about student satisfaction in computer-assisted mathematics instruction. There was no significant difference between the baseline and computer-assisted mean unit scores or student satisfaction with computer-assisted instruction.