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M.A. in School Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Lysik, Gerald


Schedules, School; School children--Food


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


This study was conducted to determine if hosting an open campus single lunch at New Egypt High School would positively affect the cultural climate of the entire school. The single lunch project involved the entire school community. As the administrative intern I served as the project coordinator, as well as a lunch monitor.

To determine the project's effectiveness, students and staff members were randomly selected to provide feedback on separate questionnaires. The intern also held informal interviews with cafeteria workers and the school custodian to better understand their perceptions of the project.

Staff members perceived the single lunch policies and procedures as extremely effective. Eighty-eight percent of the staff believe that the policies and procedures were proficient. Students also perceived the single lunch favorably. Ninety-four percent of the students agreed to continue the program. The cafeteria workers and custodians also believed that the single lunch is working. The cafeteria workers and the custodian admitted having to make significant changes in their daily routines to accommodate the single lunch. The custodian responded by stating that it took time for her to get into a routine. The supervisor of the cafeteria classified the single lunch as, "A work in progress."

Everyone who was considered by the intern to be a stakeholder in the single lunch has adapted well to the change. The perception of the single lunch by all involved was extremely positive. To ensure that the single lunch continues to run efficiently it will be the recommendation of the administrative intern not to host more than three hundred and fifty students at New Egypt High School during one single lunch. Capping the lunch at this number will ensure continuity, comfort and safety for all single lunch participants.