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M.A. in School and Public Librarianship


Special Educational Services/Instruction


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Willett, Holly G.


Public librarians--Education (Continuing education); Public librarians--New Jersey


Library and Information Science


The purposes of this study were to (a) ascertain the strengths and weakness of the continuing library education practices of New Jersey public librarians; (b) determine the frequency of continuing library education of New Jersey public librarians; (c) determine if certain types of librarians participate in continuing library education at higher frequencies; (d) determine which continuing library education topics are participated in most frequently and which continuing library education topics need to be addressed; and (e) ascertain which agencies are offering these continuing library education experiences for New Jersey public librarians.

The population of the study consisted of all public libraries in New Jersey with at least four professional librarians (n=102). Forty-five libraries were randomly chosen from this population, and a total of 180 questionnaires were mailed out across the state. Ninety-seven surveys were returned and 95 were usable for a return rate of 54%. The conclusion drawn by the researcher is the needs of New Jersey public librarians are being met adequately. The majority of the library professionals surveyed are participating in an adequate number of CLE hours to renew their skills and keep abreast of new topics in information science.