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M.A. in Higher Education Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Monahan, Thomas


Rowan University--Faculty--Attitudes; College teachers--Tenure


Higher Education Administration


This study sought to gauge the perceptions of both tenured faculty and tenure-track faculty regarding academic freedom and tenure. With this information, professors will be able to engage in discussions about tenure and its future. In this study, professors across all colleges and professorial ranks were asked to rate the degree to which they either agreed or disagreed with statements pertaining to academic freedom, tenure, and possible alternatives to tenure. In addition to this, there was a space given for comments or concerns.

The overall format of this study was an anonymous survey questionnaire. Most importantly, the survey attempted to determine if professors agreed on many topics surrounding tenure. Many of the professors agreed that the purpose of tenure is to protect academic freedom; however, the tenure system as it exists today is flawed.

In general, professors were supportive of tenure and its purpose. Many viewed tenure as a necessary part of education; it is a trade-off for people to forgo working in industry, which tends to be more lucrative. The tenure system is far from perfect and ongoing discussion can only benefit both the professor and institution.