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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Sernak, Kathy


Remedial teaching; Test-taking skills


Educational Leadership


This research is being done to assess the tenets of the Academic Achievement Program. Those tenets being that a school within a school program devoted to those students who did not successfully complete any of the three parts of the Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment will help them to catch up and successfully pass the High School Proficiency Assessment. This program will also reduce behavior problems and absenteeism while simultaneously increasing the students' feelings of success and accomplishment. To test these tenets a set of surveys will be utilized along with report card grades for two sets of students. The students enrolled in the program will be compared with a control group of students from the regular program. The research seeks to compare the relative improvement in grades/performance of each group during their first year of high school compared to their eighth grade year.

The results of the grade data comparing the Academic achievement students to the regular program show greater improvements in all subject areas as well as attendance over the regular students. This leads to the conclusion that the Academic Achievement students are outperforming the Regular Program students and "catching up." Further the behavior data remains constant at three referrals on average between the two groups for the first semester of their ninth grade year. Based upon these results it can be concluded that the program is accomplishing what it set forth as its goals.