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Johnson, Ted


Mentoring in education; Teachers, Probationary


Educational Leadership


With the need for teachers in this decade well documented, state policymakers have directed much attention to programs aimed at retaining new teachers. States, school districts, and schools can ill afford to lose good teachers at a time when pressure to improve student achievement is increasing. Some states are using induction programs to help new teachers from both traditional and alternative preparation programs, make a successful transition to the classroom and stay in the profession.

The New Teacher mentoring program at Powell School offers support and guidance to new teachers through mentoring, workshops, additional training, and on-the-job assessments. The New Teacher mentoring program has proven effective in improving teaching ability, and increasing job satisfaction among new teachers. Further, veteran teachers are reporting that they also benefited from the interaction with other teachers. Research studies and program evaluations suggest several key elements of an effective teacher induction program. They also offer lessons and guidance for governors, legislators, and other state policymakers interested in creating or improving induction programs in their state.