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M.A. in Elementary Education


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Molinari, Louis


Mathematics--Study and teaching--New Jersey


Elementary Education and Teaching


This document provides a resource which may be used by elementary teachers to gain understanding of the State Standards, the construction and purpose of E.S.P.A., the scoring of open-ended questions and the scope of development of fourth grade skills through the elementary grades. There are three sections of this document, which include the following: the "Macro Development and Open-ended Listing For Grade 4", the Mathematics Skill Development For E.S.P.A.: Grades K - 4" and the "Mathematics Manipulatives Listing." Each section provides important information pertaining to appropriate teaching to prepare students for E.S.P.A.

This document may be used by teachers in weekly planning, in monitoring the content of their curriculum guide or text book, and in assessing where their students are in the scope of elementary mathematics skills and where they need to be by the completion of the fourth grade. It may help to increase the implementation of quality mathematics education and as a result assist in the increase of student assessment scores on the E.S.P.A.