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M.A. in School Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Sernak, Kathleen S.


Education, Elementary; Language arts (Elementary)


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


This technology action research project provided teachers with the opportunity to learn how to navigate the Internet and to enhance the Language Arts curriculum. This project was conducted in a Camden, NJ elementary, urban, Abbott school setting. This sample population was chosen from responses to a cross-sectional self-report pre-workshop interest questionnaire. Thirty-six staff members agreed to participate in the training sessions. The intern scored the results of the Likert surveys using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint computer software. Seventy percent of the respondents to the pre-workshop interest questionnaire indicated they had inadequate knowledge of the Internet.

The post-workshop Likert questionnaire results indicated sixty-one percent of the participants felt they had an "average to above average" knowledge of the Internet. Forty-nine percent agreed or strongly agreed to the utilization of ideas learned from the workshop. The two-month post-instruction survey resulted in sixty-percent of the respondents "occasionally to always" utilizing these Language Arts website activities. The most prevalent need, wire all classrooms in order to facilitate the infusion of technology into the daily curriculum, was noted by half of the respondents, The data suggests that further instruction is needed to foster greater proficiency in technology utilization.