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M.A. in Public Relations


Public Relations & Advertising


Ric Edelman College of Communication & Creative Arts


Bagin, Donald


Rowan University--Curricula; Rowan University--Public relations; Rowan University. College of Business. Department of Accounting and Finance


Public Relations and Advertising


The purpose of this thesis was to accumulate information relative to the various public relations practices, methods, and procedures utilized by Rowan University, a state institution of higher learning, and comparing and contrasting them with that of a private institution of higher learning. The differences and similarities between public and private institutions of higher learning were examined and a survey of Undergraduate Accounting students at Rowan was evaluated quantitatively.

Twenty-four questions were on the survey that covered the universe of undergraduate Accounting I and Accounting Il students at Rowan University during the fall semester 2000. Of these twenty-four questions, thirteen were for all students, amounting to one hundred eighty nine students, and the other eleven were for Accounting majors only.

Interviews were graciously granted by Rowan faculty from both the College of Business and the College of Communication; In addition to Rowan faculty, graduate school staff from Neumann College, Caldwell College, and Villanova Ulniversity were consulted.