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M.S. in Teaching


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Robinson, Randall


Elementary school teaching; School children--Attitudes; Third grade (Education)


Elementary Education and Teaching


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect differing instructional techniques has on students' motivation in terms of their attitude towards school. Students were pretested using the Inventory to Measure Attitude Towards School and reading (IMATSR). After the pretest, the reading class was conducted in a lecture format with the entire class reading the same novel. Students read a portion of the book and then answered comprehensive questions on a worksheet, prior to discussion. When the book was completed, a comprehensive exam and IMATSR posttest were given. Next, the teacher introduced five books to the class. Each student ranked the books in the order they wished to read them. The students were then assigned to a book. The books were read in student led literature circles. After the completion of the book, the group presented their interpretation of it to the class. Once the presentations were completed, the class was again administered the IMATSR posttest. A Spearman's rho indicated a significant effect in terms of students not liking school, wanting to stay home from school, and the likeability of the follow-up activity. In conclusion the research indicated instructional techniques do affect motivation in terms of attitude towards school.