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M.A. in School and Public Librarianship


Special Educational Services/Instruction


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Shontz, Marilyn L.


Church schools; High school libraries


Library and Information Science


For Christian high school libraries the study identified Christian aspects of their philosophy and goals, Internet use and selection policies, criteria for choosing librarians, and materials and services available. The sample was all the high school libraries with a librarian in a school with an enrollment of 300 or more students as of December, 1999. All the schools were members of the Association of Christian Schools International for the 1999-2000 school year. Four hundred thirty-three questionnaires were mailed to the high school librarians. One hundred sixty-eight usable questionnaires were returned. The study concluded that Christian high school librarians recognized Jesus Christ to be at the heart of the work of the Christian library; Christian librarians held a high standard for the Christian materials they select; they recognized the value of non-Christian materials but realized that these materials must be winnowed to obtain that value; nearly all the schools hired only librarians who professed faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and who affirmed the Bible as God's inerrant, infallible, and inspired Word; librarians assisted student researchers to find appropriate Bible teaching; and a majority of libraries had biblically defensible selection policies. The study also presented statistics about Internet access control and about Christian materials in the libraries.