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M.A. in School Psychology


Educational Services and Leadership


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Klanderman, John

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Dihoff, Roberta


Ability, Influence of age on; Academic achievement; Parents


Educational Psychology


This study sought to examine the relationship between academic performance and parental age. Parental age has previously been shown to be a strong predictor of academic performance. This study consisted of a survey of 45 undergraduate students at Rowan University to determine the degree to which their parents' ages, both mothers' and fathers', correlated with academic performance as measured by high school class rank, SAT score, and GPA at Rowan. All participants were children of intact families, and the sample consisted of 25 females and 20 males. Both mother's age and father's age were found to correlate strongly with the three measures of academic performance as determined by the Pearson Product Moment Correlation test, and correlations for all three measures were statistically significant. This study concluded that parental age is a reliable indicator for predicting academic performance. The study was strictly correlational and did not seek to determine the cause of this correlation, merely to support its existence.