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M.A. in Education Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Capasso, Ronald L.


Cherokee High School (Evesham Township, N.J.)--Curricula; Multicultural education


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of this study was to create a method of incorporating multicultural thinking with current curriculums. The main goal was to have the teachers learn that multicultural education is not a one-day, once a year event, but rather a philosophy that must be a part of their everyday lessons and discussions.

Nineteen teachers and 102 students were surveyed from Cherokee High School. There were nine males and ten females in the teaching category. There were 52 male students and 50 female students.

The surveys were distributed twice to each group. The survey was first given prior to any training in Dr. Nieto's philosophy. Each question in the survey was designed to ascertain whether or not this type of teaching is necessary at Cherokee High School and whether or not the teachers had any prior knowledge of the philosophy of multicultural education. Then, the teachers were trained in Dr. Nieto's practices. Upon completion of their next set of lesson plans, both groups were given the second round of surveys.

The researcher found that the teachers were successful in conveying Dr. Nieto's philosophy of multicultural education. This was indicated by the student and teacher responses to the survey.