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M.A. in Public Relations


Public Relations & Advertising


Ric Edelman College of Communication & Creative Arts


Bagin, Donald


Employee morale; Employee retention


Public Relations and Advertising


This thesis studies the impact of morale on employee turnover. High employee satisfaction levels can reduce turnover. Eight in ten highly satisfied employees intend to stay with a company for more than two years, when compared to only two in ten dissatisfied employees.

To counter the disastrous effects of employee turnover, companies are establishing programs to boost employee morale. This thesis examines the morale programs of a New Jersey financial institution and the company's turnover rates. The author surveyed current employees to determine the level of employee morale and effective long-term motivators.

The financial institution recognizes the importance of employee satisfaction programs, which include educational assistance programs, discounts at local businesses, auto lease programs and competitive benefit packages.

Fifty-one percent of employees surveyed felt that benefit packages are important long-term motivators for employees. Sixty-eight percent of employees felt that a fun work environment is also an important factor in keeping employees happy.

Management supports a "fun work environment" approach. Games, raffles and extracurricular activities are common practices at the firm.

When asked the question, "Would you suggest an idea, that costs nothing, to the company," 95 percent of employees said yes, they would suggest an idea to management.

By implementing effective morale boosting programs, a company is taking appropriate action to reduce employee turnover. The result is improved organizational performance, productivity and profit.