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M.A. in School Business Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Capasso, Ronald


Gloucester County Special Services School District Middle-High School (Gibbstown, N.J.); Communication in education; Special education--Parent participation


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of this project is to develop effective methods and strategies of communicating special education student progress to the student's parent and school district representatives. The research problem was posed in two questions. (1) What are the effective methods of reporting special education student progress to their parents and school district representatives? (2) Are the current methods of interpersonal communication between special education teachers and the parents of those students promoting academic and behavioral growth within the student population?

Approximately 150 subjects were involved in this project. These subjects were special education teachers, parents of special education students, and child study members from various high schools in New Jersey. The subjects were interviewed and surveyed about the research problem. A review of the material culture and case study research was also conducted.

The review of the material culture indicated that when the interpersonal communication process is effective, when the school district clearly communicates student progress through their reporting systems, and effectively uses modern technology to communicate school issues the special education student progress is more successful. The major implications of this project will effect the in-service and staff development programs at the school. It will result in revisions to the school's current system of reporting student progress, and provide an action plan to up grade the school's use of modern technology to communicate to the school community.