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M.A. in Public Relations


Public Relations & Advertising


College of Communication & Creative Arts

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Bagin, Donald


Chronically ill children--Education; Diabetes in children; High school students


Public Relations and Advertising


Effective communication between students with diabetes and school personnel is essential to the well-being of the student. The author conducted this study to identify the needs, feelings, and behaviors of students with diabetes.

The author performed literature searches and conducted informal, qualitative research techniques to obtain information for the handbook. The author conducted telephone interviews with seven nurses from selected counties in Southern New Jersey. The author asked the nurses questions about diabetes management in their schools. The author also questioned 15 students with diabetes regarding communication efforts with the school, signs and symptoms of high and low blood sugars, and ideas on how to improve communication with teachers and classmates.

The author's research revealed that school nurses, teachers, and other school personnel needed assistance in understanding and managing high school students with diabetes. The author compiled information obtained from literature research, interviews with school nurses, and surveys of students with diabetes into this handbook. This handbook can be a valuable asset for the support network of students with diabetes.