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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Capasso, Ronald


High schools; Schedules, School


Educational Leadership


In 1999 the teaching staff at Washington Township High School and the teaching staff at Upper Darby High School were asked to participate in a study of the influence of a school's schedule on teaching practices and behaviors. This study investigates the classroom behaviors and practices of high school teachers both in a traditionally scheduled school and in a block scheduled school. This report presents the results of an analysis of a survey administered to a stratified random sample. The results of the survey were compiled manually and appear in tabular form. The analysis of the data reveals the frequency at which various teaching practices occur and the level of satisfaction experienced by the teachers in their particular schools. The analysis of the results of the teacher survey yields the following findings: Teachers in the 4/4 block schedule are slightly more likely to use a variety of teaching methods during each class period; they report greater satisfaction and enthusiasm about their school; they are more satisfied with the amount of planning time they have; and they report a greater desire to remain in their current schedule than the teachers in the traditional schedule.