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M.A. in Mathematics Education


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


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Milou, Eric


Mathematics--Study and teaching (Elementary); Mathematics--Study and teaching (Elementary)--Standards--New Jersey


Science and Mathematics Education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the implementation of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for mathematics instruction three years after their approval by the State Board of Education. A survey methodology was used. The survey was mailed to the New Jersey school districts that include an elementary school. In addition to demographic information, the districts were asked how much time is allocated to mathematics instruction daily. The districts were also asked how much time is spent in direct instruction, in seatwork, and in problem solving each day, and has there been a change over the last three years. And the districts were asked if they have revised their mathematics curriculum to reflect the mathematics Standards.

The findings indicate that the amount of time allocated daily may have declined since the last federal survey conducted in the state. The findings also indicate that districts are using more cooperative learning and problem solving strategies in their mathematics instruction. Time in seatwork has decreased but time in direct instruction has not changed. The length of the school day has remained constant. Finally, a majority of districts have revised their curriculum to implement the standards.