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M.A. Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Sisco, Burton R.

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Walpole, Marybeth


Community and college; University towns


Higher Education


An effective and prosperous community is measured by the sum of its parts, and in the case of a college town, everyone from the college students, to the neighborhood residents are stakeholders in what represents a college town. The neighborhood resident is a less researched stakeholder, but none the less important in understanding challenges. This study expands the limited knowledge base on attitudes of neighborhood resident stakeholders in college towns. A randomized door-to-door survey was conducted in the Glassboro, New Jersey neighborhood surrounding Rowan University, collecting the attitudes of permanent residents regarding interactions with students, property and public safety concerns, interaction with university officials, and interaction with university events. While interactions between subjects and students were not complex and were minimal with students, there was an evident disconnect between attitudes of community concerns, and steps taken by residents to express concerns to university officials. Collaborative projects between a municipality and university can also prove beneficial to a cooperative community. Outreach tactics to increase interaction of residents with Rowan University officials, and students can be increased to improve current attitudes.