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M.A. School Psychology


Educational Services and Leadership


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Allen, Terri

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Dihoff, Roberta


Yoga; Learning




The purpose of this study was to explore whether yoga practice facilitates learning. Specific aims of the study were to compare student performance on a basic learning task following either a relaxing task, i.e. yoga, or a more stressful activity. The subjects that volunteered for this study will completed a brief learning task pre-test. Subjects were split into two separate intervention groups at random. One group completed a beginner’s yoga task while the other group viewed a more exciting, stimulating video clip from a game show. After both groups completed their intervention task, they completed a brief learning task post-test. The results were collected and compared using a mixed between-within subjects ANOVA to look at the score differences between the two intervention groups. There was no significant interaction between condition type and time period. Furthermore, there was a significant main effect for time with both groups showing a decrease in quantitative reasoning scores, however, the main effect comparing the two types of intervention conditions was not significant. Further inspection of the data showed that the mean scores for each condition group actually decreased from time 1 to time 2.

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