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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


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Doolittle, Virginia


School environment; Schools--Air conditioning


Educational Leadership


The intern wants to learn the cost and electrical feasibility of air conditioning an existing school, as well as to determine if students' learning is enhanced by the presence of air conditioning in an educational atmosphere. The intern will use the interview procedure along with the review of material culture data, and action research techniques. The intern will research case studies on the improvement of student achievement in a climate controlled atmosphere, as well as interview faculty members that have taught in climate control environments and non - climate controlled environments to develop an air conditioning plan for the Black Horse Pike Regional School District.

Studies have shown that students in schools where special attention has been given to the physical environment experience a greater degree of success in the academic realm of the curriculum as well as attendance, discipline and health. Educational consultants, architects and administrators should be apprised of the importance attached to the compatibility of physical environment, learning and other characteristics regarding students living in the contemporary school facility.