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M.A. in School and Public Librarianship


Special Educational Services/Instruction


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Willett, Holly G.


Elementary school libraries


Library and Information Science


A study of six classrooms was made, two kindergarten, two first grade and two second grade. The purpose of the study, conducted by a school librarian, was to identify and share good practices in classroom libraries. Teachers in an urban district and a suburban district were interviewed about their acquisition methods. Methods of acquisition included book fairs, participation in professional activities, discarded library books, donations, yard sales and school purchases. Students were interviewed about their usage habits, borrowing books, and their favorite books. A description of each library is given including arrangement, displays, furnishing and shelving. The number and type of books in each classroom library was calculated. The average classroom library contained 400-500 books, made up of equal amounts of paperback and hard cover books and a small number of big books. Results showed that the classroom library was generally not funded by the school, yet was an important part of the daily routine. Unique practices concerning book selection were revealed. The influence of the Children's Learning Initiative on the urban school is described.