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M.A. in Special Education


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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Kuder, S. Jay


Inclusive education; Learning disabled children--Education


Special Education and Teaching


This study sought to determine whether students with learning disabilities benefited socially and emotionally from inclusion placement when compared to placement in a special education class.

Forty-eight high school students were included in a 17 item attitude scale questionnaire which measured their motivation toward school as well as their self-esteem. Students were surveyed from two inclusion and two special education classes. A second questionnaire measured the attitudes of three special education teachers and three regular education teachers.

The data was analyzed by evaluating the frequency distribution for each question and then comparing the inclusion group to the special education group. Percentage scores were then derived and a comparison was made between each group of students as well as the two groups of teachers.

The results indicated that the inclusion classes had a more positive effect on students' motivation and self-esteem. Additionally, the teacher attitude survey found the regular inclusion teachers more positive in their responses than the special education teachers. The research is consistent with other studies on the benefits of inclusion.