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M.A. in School Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Capasso, Ronald


Millville Senior High School (Millville, N.J.); Peer counseling of students


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The first purpose of the study was to describe and evaluate the effectiveness of a peer mediation student assistance program. The means to accomplish the purpose of the study was to investigate the overall attendance, verbal, and physical interpersonal conflict among tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students at Millville Senior High School during the 1995-1996 and 1997-1998 school calendar years. A quantitative ex post facto design was employed. In addition, a subcommittee of stakeholders was developed to collaboratively develop a plan that would extend the goals and potential benefits associated with peer mediation programs in the future Lakeside Middle School in Millville, New Jersey.

In response to the data and information acquired during the investigation, peer mediation seemed to lessen the number of nonviolent interpersonal conflicts. Violent interpersonal conflicts did not differ in incidences. A peer mediation subcommittee developed a series of products and approaches based on stakeholder and staff feedback. The subcommittee and stakeholders agreed to the following with respect to a peer mediation program at the middle school level: (a) goals, (b) effectiveness, (c) coordinator's responsibilities, (d) type of program, (e) the implementation phases, (f) parent brochure, and (g) Peer Mediation Teacher Handbook.