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M.A. in Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences


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Meagher, Richard


Hepatitis, Viral




The purpose of this project was to design a computer assisted program that would enhance the effectiveness of instruction in a clinical laboratory science program. Computer assisted instruction has been proven to be a beneficial and effective method of meeting educational objectives.

The topic of viral hepatitis is a complex and difficult one to teach. The instructor decided to supplement traditional lecture using computer assisted instruction. The goals and objectives of the lesson would be reinforced through this method as well as help the student to master the subject content.

The computer assisted study guide was designed to enhance the presentation of the viral hepatitis lesson. The program was planned to reinforce the content of the lesson as well as promote student competency with the subject. The development stages of the program included subject content, visual aids that supported the written text and questions that provided immediate corrective feedback to the student. Direct interaction with the program was necessary to maintain the student's interest. Feedback from the program needed to allow for an increase in the student's ability to perform better.

The clinical laboratory science students were taught the topic of viral hepatitis in traditional lecture form. After reviewing the computer assisted study guide, the students took a written examination. The scores of the examination taken after the students reviewed the computer program were compared to the scores of the past three clinical laboratory science classes that did not have the opportunity to use the computer-based study guide. The scores of the class that used the study guide were higher. The students evaluated the computer program and believed that the study guide enhanced their knowledge of the subject of viral hepatitis and helped them prepare for the written examination. Using a computer assisted study guide as a supplement to traditional lecture proved to be an effective means of meeting educational objectives.

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