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M.A. in Subject Matter Teaching: Art


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


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Levinowitz, Lili

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Graziano, Jane


Art--Study and teaching; Creative ability in children


Art Education


In 1984, the Getty Center for Education in the Arts initiated a program called Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE), which offered new criteria for teaching art. The basic aim of DBAE was to introduce additional disciplines into an art education program, with an emphasis placed on the teaching of art history, art criticism and aesthetics. To date, no true supportive data has been found substantiating the effectiveness of the DBAE program.

The purpose of this thesis was to examine two different methods of teaching art and their impact on students' artistic learning. Two intact fifth grade classes participated in a three month study. Each class received one weekly forty-minute art class, during which time, a series of four projects were created. The experimental group received instruction with a child-centered, hands-on approach while the control group received instruction with a DBAE format. Pretests and posttests, which consisted of creating landscapes, were administered to determine growth in the students' artistic learning. Two art teachers rated the students' pretests and posttests using a teacher-made rating scale. The researcher failed to find a statistical difference between the control and experimental groups.

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