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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Capasso, Ronald


Mentoring in education; Middle school students; Remedial teaching


Educational Leadership


The purpose of the study was to describe and evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention program of remediation and academic mentoring on the academic success of students failing grade seven who were placed in grade eight. The study was conducted in the Clearview Regional Middle School during the summer preceding and including the 1998-99 academic year.

Data was gathered from test scores, mid-marking period progress reports, marking period grade reports, summer session teacher reports and interviews, and weekly and monthly classroom teacher reports. Information was also provided through parent, teacher, and student questionnaires. The data was analyzed using percentiles to determine the effectiveness of the program. Progress reports and marking period grade reports supported by weekly and monthly reports were analyzed to determine the extent of academic success both in points and percentiles of increase/decrease.

At the conclusion of the study the academic success of most of the students was evident. With few exceptions, students increased grade averages over their grade seven final averages. Parents, teachers, and students affirmed the success of the program though some changes were implicated.