Debra Ihunnah

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Ed.D. Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


College of Education

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Sernak, Kathleen


Vocational education--New Jersey--Case studies


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


Two educational models, the Let Me Learn Model (TM) and the Integration of Academic and Vocational Skills Model IV were implemented at the Cumberland County Technical School in New Jersey. The purposes of the study were (a) to introduce and enhance the teachers' knowledge about the two educational models (b) to assist teachers in using that knowledge gained from implementation of the models as a catalyst to change their teaching practices and (c) to enhance student learning. This was an action research study that examined the implementation of the two models and examined my transformational leadership skills. The Let Me Learn Model (TM) provided the framework for examining the unique ways students and teachers demonstrated their learning. The Integration of Academic and Vocational Skills Model IV provided the framework for teaching academic and vocational curricula. A qualitative case study was used to collect and analyze data on the implementation of the Leithwood transformational leadership model. Findings from this study included the emergence of teaching and leadership practices. Research in other technical environments would be beneficial.