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M.A. in Educational Leadership


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education

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Capasso, Ronald L.


Bridgeton High School (Bridgeton, N.J.); High school attendance


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study was to investigate reasons that students were absent and to study policies or programs that could help decrease absenteeism for students. The intern used an action research design by surveying students and interviewing teachers. The sample cluster in this study consisted of the students attending the Summer Credit Completion Program at Bridgeton High School. The population in which inferences were made was the student body at Bridgeton High School. The information, however, can be generalized to any special needs high school or one that is comparable in socioeconomic status.

The intern looked at three areas in her conclusions. In the first area it was determined that the current Credit Completion Program did not deter absenteeism but instead only helped chronically absent students get promoted. In the next area it was determined that there was a need for a teacher-student mentoring program. Finally, it was determined that district leaders and professional staff need to address the underlying reasons for student absenteeism in order to solve the problem of excessive absenteeism.