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M.A. in Administration and Supervision


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Johnson, Ted


English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers--Audio-visual aids; School administrators--Training of


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of the visual program was to stimulate the learning ability in an interesting way. Twenty bilingual students were organized into three condition groups; group A read with videotapes, group B read along and group C read textbook only. Group A and B were students of mixing levels of limited to close mastering level of speaking. Group C mixed students of limited English to none. There were six units of twelve lessons. The students of three groups took the same pretest and posttest for each unit. A final test was given out to measure the reading skills of previous lessons. This study was conducted and completed around fourteen weeks. The results were based on four sets of data. 1) The analyses for pretest and posttest showed the percentage of three groups A, B, and C in consecutive steps of 73%, 55%, and 20%. 2) The analysis of means ran from 50%, 38%, and 25%. 3) The linguistic competence showed the level of important to very important. 4) The strength of visual approach 75%, 63%, and 50%. The combining of these results strongly indicated that students' memory recall was enhanced and improving from fifteen to twenty five percent. The technique of visual approach provided an effective way to increase the level of comprehension.