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M.A. in Subject Matter Teaching: Music


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math Education


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Levinowitz, Lili M.


Band musicians; Music--Instruction and study


Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching


The purpose of this study was to examine the learning processes of students who play a band instrument. The problem was to see if all band students process learning in the same manner.

Prior to the study, the researcher sent a letter to the building Principal and Board Of Education to get permission to conduct the research. Next, the researcher sent a permission slip-letter home to all band parents explaining the purpose of the study and what the results of the study would be, if they chose to know.

Once all the responses were received, the researcher administered the Learning Combination Inventory (LCI). to all band students. The study involved sixty-one band students in grades seven and eight. The LCI is a test that helps teachers and students learn how they process information; sequentially, precisely, technically, or confluently. Following the test, each student was to score his/her test to find out what learning process was significant to him/her. Once the students found out what their learning process was, the researcher checked the scores which gave the students their learning style. Once the process was verified, the students were able to look on a sheet that identified their learning process. This sheet made each student aware of the things that are unique to his/her specific learning process.

After all the tests were completed, the researcher broke the results into sections; woodwind, brass and percussion. The conclusion was that the majority of band students in this research learn best through technical processing.