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M.A. in Supervision and Curriculum Development


Educational Services and Leadership


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Capasso, Ronald


Science--Study and teaching (Elementary)


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The focus of this study to describe the effectiveness of a change model on schools implementing an inquiry-based science program. Findings indicated that a model incorporating input from all of the stakeholders in the learning community and offering training and continuous support realized the most sustained and successful implementation. The model used included training upon request, turnkey trainers, parent meetings, teacher input on instruction, principal meetings, and opportunities to revise the program within the school year. Teachers, parents, and principals were surveyed and interviewed throughout the implementation. This data determined the focus of the training and support. The study was conducted in Pemberton Township School District. It involved sixty-eight third through sixth grade teachers in eight elementary schools. The final survey of participants found that eighty-eight percent of the teachers agreed that the change process involving the new science program was successful. The parents attending home-school meetings as well as the principals of the eight elementary schools also responded in unanimous agreement that the change model successfully implemented the inquiry-based science program.