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Meagher, Richard J.


Human genome


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The Human Genome Project was initiated in 1988. Its purpose being to sequence the entire human genome, including the noncoding regions by 2005. Through the research conducted, due to the project, several genes associated with specific diseases have been identified. This paper is a review of the Human Genome Project and genes that have been associated with the onset of specific diseases. Cystic Fibrosis, a disease affecting the respiratory system, has been isolated to a gene on chromosome 7. Alzheimer's Disease, the disease which is most responsible for dementia, has several genes associated with its onset. These genes lie on chromosomes 21, 19, 14 and 1. Two genes have been associated with Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer I (BRCAI), found on chromosome 17, and Breast Cancer 2 (BRCA 2), found on chromosome 13. A gene found on chromosome 4 is responsible for the onset of Huntington's Disease, a disease that causes neural cell death. Although the gene responsible for Schizophrenia is not yet clear, there has been some speculation that chromosome 22 may be involved with its onset; however, there is still additional research that needs to be conducted. Through the information that has been discovered by genomic research, new treatment strategies are being developed to treat these diseases and hopefully someday defeat them.