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M.A. in School Business Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Johnson, Theodore


Gloucester Township School District (Blackwood, N.J.); Interns (Education); School administrators--Training of


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of this study was to identify the major cause of the Gloucester Township School District's attendance and classification errors when reporting the annual Application for State School Aid. After identifying the problem, the intern developed and implemented a plan of action to resolve the problem.

The methodology of data collection included a questionnaire survey, interviews, an internal attendance audit in narrative form, and a review of the archival attendance reports. The research revealed that the Gloucester Township School District was experiencing difficulty exchanging computer data between its 11 schools, curriculum building, and the central administrative office. The district had to sneaker-net their data disks between buildings and the central administrative office. There were three significant problems with this sneaker-net process. Data disks were being damaged in transport, lost in the inter-office mail process, or data files became corrupt. A secondary problem was the district's inability to meet the requirements of the Technology Literacy Challenge because they could not provide Internet access to all of the schools in the district.

The conclusion of the study was that the GTSD implemented a Wide Area Network to eliminate their data management problems and provide the Internet to all of its schools.