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M.A. in Educational Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Johnson, Theodore


Salem County Special Services School District (Pennsville, N.J.); Interns (Education); School administrators--Training of


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


The purpose of this study was to determine if there was in fact a growing number of minority students in special education, if minority staff in special education were being hired in proportion to the number of minority students coming to this particular school district, and finally, whether or not the district was addressing cultural diversity among the staff and student populations due to the increase in minority students.

Initially, a questionnaire was developed for the students. One site in the district was targeted because it had thirty-five emotionally disturbed students. Nineteen emotionally disturbed high school minority students were interviewed. Other interviews were conducted in and out of the district to determine the level of consciousness among educators regarding minority students and their education.

Statistics were also gathered on the staff and students on the number and ethnic makeup of each group from 1992-1997.

The intern found that the number of minorities in the school district had increased significantly, while the number of minority staff had increased but not in proportion to the student population. Finally, the intern found that more workshops for the staff and students were needed to bring the school community to a higher level of consciousness in terms of cultural awareness.