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M.A. in Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education

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Meagher, Richard


Chemistry--Study and teaching (Higher)


Higher Education Administration


This thesis designs a curriculum to fulfill the charter of the Community college in providing an opportunity for an individual student whether traditional or non-traditional to prepare to become more proficient in chemical understanding and be able to apply the concepts and knowledge taught to a career or advanced study. The curriculum should benefit those individuals who either lack or have a poor background in chemistry and strengthen their reasoning ability. This paper presents a comprehensive comparison of textbooks currently being published for introductory chemistry. Texts reviewed were readily found on library shelves and supplied through major distributors; chemical journals were also included in the review.

The curricula that this project presents is aimed toward a first semester freshman college level chemistry class. The topics to be discussed and compared in this curricula include a broad overview of science, chemistry, the five subfields of chemistry, measurement, matter, energy, atomic structure, the periodic table, inorganic and organic nomenclature, balancing of equations, stoichiometry, the states of matter, an introduction to organic classification and reaction mechanisms, and biochemistry.