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M.A. in Secondary Administration


Educational Services and Leadership


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Johnson, Theodore


Eastern Camden County Regional High School (Voorhees, N.J.); Corporate culture; School administrators--Training of


Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration


This study was done on the premise that a school's organizational climate affects employee morale, behavior, and motivation. This study was conducted in order to communicate to all administrators and faculty the status of Eastern Regional High School's organizational climate. The essence of this type of study was to create new avenues of open communication, coupled with the push for a more reflective practice, between the faculty and administration. The results have allowed individuals to make suggestions to improve the educational quality and effectiveness of the entire school.

The design of the study was to conduct a survey of employee opinions concerning their individual impressions of Eastern's organizational climate. The instrumentation for the survey was reflective of Rensis Likert's organizational climate questionnaire created in the 1960's. The survey was divided into four systems and six categories. The population of the study was the entire staff of Eastern's senior and intermediate high schools. The return of the surveys reached a total of fifty respondents. This gave the study a sampling of twenty-five percent.

Each individual's responses were tabulated and analyzed in two specific ways. First, the responses were recorded and then plotted on Likert's continuum of system types. Second, each system's organizational variable was interpreted by a group of volunteers who utilized Likert's subscale profiles as a guide. These informal meetings of administrators and staff members were held to discuss the ramifications and the true meaning behind the data.

The team has created a system that has encouraged optimum performance of the administration and staff through effective communication of ideas. The team's work ethic and open atmosphere has become an example of how to improve human relation skills while interacting effectively with others to solve problems. The entire process has established new avenues of open dialogue at Eastern Camden County Regional High School.