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M.A. in School and Public Librarianship


Special Educational Services/Instruction


College of Education


Willett, Holly G.


Rieck Avenue School (Millville, N.J.); Instructional materials centers--User education; Library orientation for school children--New Jersey; Multicultural education; Third grade (Education)--New Jersey


Library and Information Science


This thesis project developed a multicultural curriculum for the third grade classes at the Rieck Avenue School, Millville, New Jersey, which adhered to the Core Curriculum Standards. The question to be answered was "How can third graders achieve an historical understanding of the varying cultures of New Jersey, the United States, and the world through the library media center curriculum?" Because of the changing demographics of our country and the increase of minority students in our schools, it is imperative that students learn how to appreciate, understand, and interact with people who are ethnically, racially, and culturally different than themselves. The curriculum consisted of six lessons which addressed six different cultures. The evaluation included a pretest, literature study, and a culminating assessment. The cultures covered were Polish, Japanese, African American, Spanish, Pueblo Indian, and Chinese. Students met the planned curriculum with great interest and enthusiasm and reached the established goals for each individual lesson, thus reaching a greater historical understanding of the various cultures of New Jersey, the United States, and the world as mandated by the Core Curriculum Standards.